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Auditory stimulators: TGWN



Sound volume may be varied by the computer.

Sound duration may be varied by the computer.

White noise is digitally generated for purity.

Manual limit to maximum levels for subject protection.

Manual limit to abrupt sound edges attack / decay.

TG/WN includes a single white noise source and a single digitally controlled frequency generator with range 30 to 2000 Hz. Volume setting for either source is digitally controlled in 255 steps. 0 is completely off, 255 is maximum. Maximum level is a powerful stimulus when the output is connected to standard stereo headphones. Volume, frequency and Noise or Tone selection is controlled from the SAM LCD panel or the host computer program. When used stand-alone, stimulation may be triggered using selected bits of the event port. When used with the host program additional control is possible to select right, left or both ears.Please apply for further details of this device, which attaches to the standard SAM unit.

Relay Unit
TTL Input/Output

Uses include:


Startle blink.

Aversive stimulation.

Sound level for each stimulus is set in the experiment procedure file (PCC) as a number between 0 (off) and 255 (maximum). Tone frequency is similarly controlled at levels between 0 (300Hz) and 255 (2kHz). For precise sound volume accuracy, an Ďartificial earí, which is an electronic device which accurately evaluates sound level, should be used.

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