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University College London, Queen’s Square.

Professor Michael Rugg has a 64 channel EEG8 amplifier system at the UCL Psychology Department. The system was recently upgraded from 32 channels which were originally used at St Andrews, Scotland in conjunction with the CED 1401 data acquisition system. The upgraded 64 channels amplifiers are now used with Neuroscan via the Metrobyte card. Kevin Allen, is pictured in the equipment control room and currently coordinates projects in this laboratory.


The equipment control room, with apparatus installed in the black wooden cabinet. Equipment includes the CED acquisition unit (near top) and the PSYLAB controller (near bottom). Both CED and Neuroscan software were installed on separate computers.

The subject chamber, with the 64 channel EEG8 amplifier bank. Only 32 channels were in use at the time the picture was taken. The ECI cap was connected via a switch box made by University technicians which allowed unused channels to be shorted, however an alternative cap, made in Germany, was to replace this, and connection to the amplifiers will be made directly to each EEG8 via the standard ‘electrode board adaptor’ supplied with this cap.


Originated March 1999
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