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Dr E. Harmon-Jones, Texas A&M University

Originated 5 July 2000
Last updated 24 July 05

Dr. Eddie Harmon-Jones ( of Texas A&M University studies emotional and motivational processes using a variety of paradigms and measures, including EEG (power spectrum), facial EMG, the eyeblink startle response, heart rate, peripheral pulse, and skin conductance. Visual and auditory stimuli are presented using DMDX software, and stimulus events are indicated in the physiological recordings using the output of a PIO-12 card from the stimulus computer in connection with the PSYLAB BIN8.

Below: Eddie Harmon-Jones calibrates the equipment in the control room.


<Left: Graduate student David Amodio is wearing an ECI 10-20 electrode cap, which is connected to an EEG8 pre-amp.

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